Daddy's Hands


Daddy's Hands is the epic saga of one warriors struggle, of a man whose love for a woman would defy a nation, define a generation and become... a legend. Daddy's Hands is a taut, psychological, mind bending, spellbinding, edge of your seat, hold on to your hat, barf in a bucket thrill ride that will blow your head clear off and inflame your screaming skull. Daddy's Hands is, all at once, the parade drum of the damned, the horn of the dead, the pipes of pan, the strings of Monteuerdi and the taste of three hundred and fifty five CC's of rock n' roll shot straight into your soul by the most awesome and terrifying nurses in the universe. Perhaps some radiant animals crouched in the forest know of Daddy's Hands, but who will catch them? Who posses the golden candy and knows the way? Daddy's Hands flies the friendly skies and sweetens the pie. Daddy's Hands does more by six am then most people do in a lifetime. Invest in Daddy's Hands and sit upon their nest egg.


Daddy's Hands

  • daddy's hands - welcome kings
  • release date: 2007.03.06
  • (KDH 002)




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